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Company > Nubank expands and opens new office in Sao Paulo

Nubank expands and opens new office in Sao Paulo

With 10,000 square meters, Spark adds to the headquarters in Pinheiros to offer spaces designed for events, training and rotations of large teams as the hybrid work model advances

São Paulo, November 1, 2022 – After the recent remodeling of its headquarters in Pinheiros, Nubank opened a new workspace for its employees in Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo. With 10,000 square meters in the Spark condominium, the office will accommodate team meetings of more than 200 people and efficiently accomodate the need for workspaces for its more than 7,000 employees working at four locations in the city.

The site  has been in testing phase since October, and complements the company’s hybrid work strategy, the Nu Way of Working, announced in June. The model consists of one week in the office every two months, in which teams meet for planning and discussions that are more efficient and productive face-to-face.

“The space at Spark results from Nubank’s constant growth and how we have matured due to the pandemic. We propose to enhance the personal connection of teams in an environment that will allow for broader events, offering comfort and dynamism to employees”, says Cristina Junqueira, CEO in Brazil and co-founder.

The headquarters on Rua Capote Valente, in Pinheiros (Sao Paulo), reopened in June with a series of attractions for Nubankers (as employees are known) and the general public. Upon entering the purple building, the visitor experiences a barrier-free and welcoming space, highlighted by the high ceilings, with transparency and diffused lights from the roof to the lobby.


Recently, a Central Bank ranking reported that Nubank reached the fifth position in  number of customers in the country, serving more than 66.4 million near the end of the third quarter.

Customer experience has always been a priority, with a focus on financial education, digital security and the launch of new products, such as Caixinhas, Nubank Crypto, the Nutap approach payment solution (for corporate clients), mobile insurance, in addition to the start of Nunos tests, a free rewards program.

Learn more about Nu Way of Working, Nubank’s hybrid working model here.

The reinvention of urban space

The choice of Spark region considered internal research and international projects that transformed former industrial districts into a creative and entrepreneurial scenario, which brings together companies, art, gastronomy, events and technology. The surroundings have 300 thousand square meters of floor space, with areas already available for use, and the Spark condominium has an independent innovation center that brings together people, startups and other companies in a movement of transformation and generation of ideas that challenge the changes necessary to create solutions in different sectors of the economy.

Where we are:

Av. Manuel Bandeira, 360, Vila Leopoldina – São Paulo/SP

Opening hours: 7 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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