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Fifa World Cup 2022

Aug 30

"Caixinhas" reach 8.6 million clients in the first semester of 2023

Just over a year after its launch, the investment and financial organization solution reached the milestone of R$ 14.6 billion in assets under custody in August this year

Apr 14

NuBolão wins Guinness record

The company developed a World Cup bolão within its app and registered in total more than 8 million players during the entire competition; the initiative was a pioneer in financial apps

Dec 23

Nubank becomes the most-searched financial institution in the FIFA World Cup™

As an Official Regional Supporter, the company reached over 90 million people with its marketing strategy during the tournament

Dec 21

NuBolão registers more than 8 million users in the FIFA World Cup™

With the end of the competition, participants will be able to access an individual retrospective within the app about their performance on NuBolão and with curious facts about the tool

Dec 16

Customer travels abroad for the first time after winning Nubank’s promotion to go to the FIFA World Cup™

Ana Cristina Pereira was selected after referring a friend to become a Nu customer; Her story helped her get a passport in record time

Dec 9

Customer watches Brazil win during the FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar, 16 years after becoming the face of the team’s elimination

Karoline’s photo made it to the cover of newspapers when she cried over Brazil’s loss to France in the 2006 tournament; Now, she saw the country team beat Switzerland

Dec 7

Nubank products help to plan and enjoy stress-free international trips, report customers in Qatar

From financial organization and investments to security and VIP access, the company offers a wide range of features for those traveling

Nov 10

Casimiro will host trivia game before FIFA World Cup 2022™ matches

NuEsquenta will be presented by Cazé during the pregame of 7 FIFA World Cup 2022™ matches with over R$1 million in prizes, open to Nubank customers and non-customers

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