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Oct 23

High income: Ultravioleta expands benefits for customers

Operating in a testing phase, users will have access to a curation of solutions that include priority service, toll tag, and other benefits at no additional cost

Oct 20

UV creates exclusive spaces and customization for participants in the Disney Magic Run

UV customers and all other participants of the event will have access to special activations and giveaways

Jul 26

Ultravioleta brings exclusive experiences to Disney Magic Run 2023

Nubank Ultravioleta customers will enjoy benefits, such as pre-sale and tickets with up to 30% off

Jul 6

Ultravioleta offers special conditions to watch 'Cantando com Encanto', the official Disney show

Special discounts and benefits add to the experience

May 12

Customers have special conditions to watch official Disney show

With a repertoire and characters beloved by the public, the concert will be available in 6 cities

Mar 28

Customers will have exclusive benefits during São Paulo Restaurant Week

Ultravioleta card customers can enjoy an exclusive post-event week, as well as courtesy coffee at restaurants with premium menus

Jan 18

Customers can now request an additional credit card with shared limit

Now customers of the traditional roxinho and Ultravioleta can have access to an additional card to share limit; functionality also includes young people from 12 to 17 years old and will be made available gradually, at no extra cost

Oct 11

Ultravioleta expands card offer and adds new features on the product's first anniversary

With cashback benefits that grow at 200% of the CDI and never expire, Ultravioleta card customers now also have the option to invest in two funds from the Nu Ultravioleta family in the app

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