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About Nu

We were born to revolutionize the financial market and free people from complexity.

We have been transforming people's relationship with money across Latin America. Since Day One, our core values led us to groundbreaking and innovative solutions: We want our customers to love us fanatically. We are hungry and challenge the status quo. We think and act like owners, not renters. We build strong and diverse teams. We pursue smart efficiency.

Everything about Nu

We want our customers to love us fanatically

From day one, our core values have guided the journey towards easy-to-use and innovative solutions.

Since our launch, we have intentionally and consistently fostered a culture obsessed with providing outstanding customer experiences. Our commitment to excellence makes our customers love us fanatically, and we strive to uphold this daily.

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The Nu Way of Working

Our way of combining the best of team collaboration with the flexibility that our employees deserve.

Our work model has cycles from two to three months according to the expertise business. One will be at the office every eight or twelve weeks after working remotely.

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Our offices

We continuously grow globally, with over 7,000 employees of over 50 nationalities. We are present in 7 countries: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, also where we have operations, and Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, and Germany, where we have our tech hubs.

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    Treading Paths – Career Transition to Software Engineering



    The theme of this edition is a recurring topic in recent years: career transition to Software Engineering. If you are considering a career change or have already taken the first steps on this fascinating path, this event was tailor-made for you.


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How we hire

We are building diverse teams with the most creative and innovative professionals for each position we open.


Your first step. Submit your profile through our career page. Information required can be imported directly from LinkedIn.

Technical Assessment

This is our time to understand better your technical skills. You will work on a specialized exercise.

Online Interview

This is your chance to get to know us. Our opportunity to get to know you. Some interviews with team members, Nu leadership, and the People & Culture team.

Final Stages

We seek to hire everyone who adds to our values and can be a multiplier of their craft.

The order and name of each stage in the hiring process may change according to the department and position in which you participate. The Talent Acquisition team shares more details about each step during its process.