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Consumers > Nubank and Casimiro team up in a trivia game in preparation for FIFA World Cup 2022™ matches

Nubank and Casimiro team up in a trivia game in preparation for FIFA World Cup 2022™ matches

NuEsquenta will be presented by Cazé during the pregame of 7 FIFA World Cup 2022™ matches with over R$1 million in prizes, open to Nubank customers and non-customers

São Paulo, November 10, 2022 – Nubank and Casimiro are teaming up in an unprecedented partnership to warm up Brazilian fans during the pregame of the most awaited matches of The FIFA World Cup 2022™. The company and the streamer announce NuEsquenta with Casimiro, a Trivia game show that will take place one hour before the start of the best matches of the biggest soccer tournament on the planet.

Inspired by trivia games, NuEsquenta with Casimiro will be presented by Cazé and open to customers and non-customers, with more than R$1 million in total prizes, R$ 150.000,00 per round. Out of the seven matches selected by the company, the first will be Brazil vs. Serbia on November 24. 12 questions will be asked, with a 10-second answer time for each one. 

There will be two theme categories: questions related to FIFA World Cup™ history, and general knowledge about the countries playing in this year’s tournament. To win, the user must be the only person still playing to get all the questions right. If there is a tie, there will be a 5-minute overtime with additional questions until someone is eliminated. If the tie persists, the player who gets the last question right in the shortest time wins.

“Nubank is already part of the financial lives of millions of customers in Brazil, and when we decided to be an Official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Regional Supporter, we challenged ourselves to go beyond and promote amazing moments for everyone. With NuEsquenta, we bring customers and non-customers for a fun experience with us. Having Cazé in this project promotes even more irreverence and connection with everyone, including the not-so-fanatical, in this worldwide soccer party. And all this using the best of technology to provide a lot of fun in the pre-games of the FIFA World Cup 2022™”, says Juliana Roschel, marketing director of Nubank.

Casimiro Miguel Ferreira, aka Cazé, is an internet phenomenon and has been conquering a legion of millions of fans throughout his life, reacting to videos about curiosities, cooking, and especially soccer. Currently, the creator is the largest sports streamer in the world and has more than 6 million followers on his YouTube and Instagram channels.

NuEsquenta with Casimiro is a web app, which means that it is not necessary to download any application to play. The game and its launch campaign were developed by Nubank with the support of the AKQA agency. To participate, simply access the site http://www.nuesquenta.com.br, register, and wait for the next round. Only individuals over the age of 18 and residing in Brazil can participate in NuEsquenta com Casimiro.

In addition to NuEsquenta, Nubank is also supporting Casimiro in live broadcasts of some FIFA World Cup™ matches, in which the influencer will do one live stream per day on its digital platforms. It will be the first time that a streamer will showcase the tournament in Brazil. 

For purple fans: NuBolão

In addition to NuEsquenta, Nubank has prepared other initiatives to bring even more entertainment to this FIFA World Cup™, such as NuBolão. The experience within the company’s app allows customers to make guesses of the games in a simple, fun, and free way, and even compete for prizes up to R$ 60 thousand reais, besides being able to form groups for friends and family guesses. Users can make their guesses between October 27 and December 18. 

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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