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Consumers > Nubank and Uber announce unprecedented 1-click payment

Nubank and Uber announce unprecedented 1-click payment

The new option, through NuPay, is exclusive for Nubank customers and now becomes part of the largest travel application in Brazil

São Paulo, May 31, 2023 – Nubank and Uber announced a partnership to implement NuPay, Nubank’s exclusive payment service, as a payment option in the travel application with just 1 click. The unprecedented novelty allows customers to approve single credit or debit card payments through the Nubank app, with total security. This payment option in the Uber app – exclusive to Nu customers – is being gradually made available to the entire customer base in Brazil throughout the upcoming weeks.

In addition to being able to pay for trips in the Uber app automatically – without having to share card information – when using NuPay, Nubank customers may be eligible for extended limits. If the extra limit is available, customers can pay for Uber trips without compromising their credit card balance. 

With the unprecedented development of 1-click payment, the customer simply needs to authorize payments to Uber via NuPay through the Nubank app once, ensuring even more agility (without compromising security) in using this payment method.

“The partnership with Uber combines the expertise of two technology companies to provide safe and practical experiences in our customers’ daily lives. This joint development opens an important door for us to take NuPay as a recurring and automatic payment method for other online services, such as those that require a subscription”, says Livia Chanes, country manager of Nubank in Brazil.

Federico Chester, Uber’s Business Director for Latin America, states that “we expect that NuPay will quickly become one of the most used payment options on our platform, as our users will be able to pay for trips in a totally simple and accessible experience, with the possibility of not using up their credit limit.”

To enhance the experience when using NuPay, Nubank offers – depending on the customer’s profile and credit analysis – the possibility of an extra limit for different purchases. With this, the user can purchase products or services at establishments that offer this payment option without using up their credit limit on the Nubank card.

To enable NuPay on Uber, customers only need to register NuPay once in the ride app, and it becomes available for future transactions with just one click. The transaction occurs automatically in each trip when chopping NuPay.

NuPay advances

In April Nubank also announced NuPay as a payment option on iFood. This integration, as the partnership with Uber, marks the advancement of the exclusive payment technology for Nu customers and its potential benefits, such as the possibility of having extra limit and the practicality of a 100% digital buying and selling process.

Launched in March 2022, NuPay was developed as a practical, simple, and secure payment solution for online purchases. Currently, in addition to Uber and iFood, NuPay is present in more than 160 e-commerce stores, such as Cônsul, Cobasi, PositivoTecnologia, and Reserva, and in another 6,000 establishments owned by Nubank PJ account customers.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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