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Consumers > Nubank provides tips to prevent new ‘fake central’ scam

Nubank provides tips to prevent new ‘fake central’ scam

Nu offers a Hub with security tips, besides strong security for its customers

In 2023, Nubank completes 10 years of existence. During this period, it made the Brazilian population aware of security and protective measures against scams and fraud through a multitude of content on its channels.

Videos in its security hub, SOS Nu, reached more than 300,000 views and impacted more than 245,000 people (customers and non-customers) in its first three months of existence in 2022. In addition, the strategy of financial education about security generates engagement. In this year’s Carnaval holiday alone – the most anticipated of the decade –, more than 300,000 people activated Modo Rua (Street Mode) and consumed the materials available in Nubank’s app, social networks, and blog.

Among the main tips available on the blog and on SOS Nu, the company’s security hub, is protection against false call center scams – when scammers call a cell phone number pretending to be a company’s call center and induce the customer to transfer money or provide personal information.

Protect yourself against false call center scams

  • Immediately hang up calls in which the attendant asks you to confirm sensitive data (such as passwords or credit card number).
  • Be wary and alert in calls that ask you to update the app or internet banking service. Usually these updates are made by the operating system itself.
  • Only use your phone’s official app store to update your apps, never use links sent by third parties, even if they supposedly come from the bank. There are applications that give access to your device to third parties, which means that criminals can have access to all your passwords from a download that you have made.
  • In case of doubts or distrust, end the call and seek contact with the financial institution’s call center immediately – through another device. Important: call only the numbers available on the official channels of the institutions and never return the call to the suspicious number.
  • When supposed bank employees call you saying there was a problem or transaction failure, never transfer money to an account you aren’t familiar with.
  • If you suspect that your bank account has been hacked, try checking the last devices it was connected to see if you recognize all the equipment they accessed. If you don’t recognize them, immediately disconnect through another device.
  • Be alert for calls identified with mobile phone numbers, since most call centers use 0800 and 0300 numbers for identification and, even so, beware: criminals can use strategies to emulate the number of companies’ call centers.
  • Be wary of contacts made informally through the WhatsApp application, especially when they were not requested by you.

In addition, Nubank has an artificial intelligence system that operates layers of invisible defenses, which protect and guarantee the security of the customer’s experience in the app in a smooth and easy way, that is, free of bureaucracy and friction. In addition to the security layers that you can see and configure, such as passwords, Modo Rua, and app access protection, there is a set of defense mechanisms that act in silence and guarantee the customer’s safety without them noticing.

  • Whenever a new account is opened at Nubank, the system is able to predict whether it will be used by a legitimate customer or by a criminal trying to impersonate the customer. This goes for credit cards, transfers and loan applications as well.
  • Artificial intelligence makes personalized and individual analyzes based on the behavior of each transaction and each customer.
  • In addition to protecting your account and your money, the invisible defenses also protect the entire financial system, preventing criminals from using Nubank’s systems to apply scams and fraud.

Stay on top of this and more safety tips through Nubank’s blog and SOS Nu.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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