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Consumers > Nubank reaches 5 million active investors customers on its platforms

Nubank reaches 5 million active investors customers on its platforms

About 1.5 million customers have investments in variable income assets

São Paulo, July 28, 2022 – Nubank already has around 5 million active investors customers on its platform. Out of these, nearly 4 million are customers with investments concentrated within the Nubank app, which offers fixed income options (pre and post-fixed CDBs), investment funds and variable income (shares, BDRs, ETFs and real estate investment funds).

The rest of the customers have invested in assets available in the NuInvest app or site, and part of the customers maintain investments in both platforms. NuInvest is the result of the rebrand of Easynvest, a digital investment broker whose acquisition by Nubank was completed in 2021.

The total number of investments customers represents a growth of approximately 150% during the year after the company concluded the acquisition of Easynvest and announced the creation of NuInvest, as part of its strategy to diversify the product portfolio. In June 2021, the company had There 2 million investors customers which jumped to 5 million in the same month this year.

“This significant increase in the number of investors shows the potential we have in the investment sector and how we are advancing in this business unit, standing out as the largest digital platform for retail investors in Brazil”, says Fernando Miranda, VP of Investments at Nubank.

“We have evolved a lot in the integration of platforms. Today, NuInvest is a catalyst for the investment experience in the Nubank app, with the distribution of offers such as CDBs, real estate investment funds and variable income”.

Among the 5 million investors, about 1.5 million have investments in variable income assets, such as shares, BDRs, ETFs or real estate investment funds. Based on data released by B3 at the end of the first quarter, more than 1/3 of investors on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) had an investment in variable income by Nubank. In December of last year – with NuInvest as lead coordinator – the company completed one of the most successful IPOs in history, having registered more than 821,000 retail customers who purchased the BDRs. In addition, around 7.5 million customers signed up to obtain a free BDR from Nubank through the NuSócios program.

In addition to offering diversification through its investment portfolio, Nubank has recently launched its Caixinhas, allowing its clients to create their own personalized savings experiences, backed up by products that can offer a potential yield equivalent to or higher than 100% of the CDI in the long term. “With Caixinhas do Nubank, customers can save money with daily income, in a customized way and with a focus on goals, without necessarily going through the classic investment journey”, highlights Miranda.

Nubank also has investment funds under the management of Nu Asset Management. Currently, funds from the Nu Seleção and Nu Ultravioleta families and Nu Reserva Imediata are available. In a survey carried out by the consultancy Economatica, the multimarket fund Nu Seleção Cautela reached the position of the largest in Brazil in number of shareholders in 2021, with more than 236 thousand clients. The Nu Seleção Equilíbrio and Nu Seleção Potencial funds were also in the top 5 multimarket funds in terms of number of shareholders, with 85,959 and 84,869 clients, respectively.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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