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Consumers > Nubank’s Modo Rua helps Brazilians enjoy Carnaval with more safety

Nubank’s Modo Rua helps Brazilians enjoy Carnaval with more safety

In order to offer an extra layer of security during the festivities, Nubank makes available an exclusive feature that limits improper transactions in the app when leaving the house

São Paulo, February 2, 2023 – Nubank is expanding the offering of Modo Rua for its customers to enjoy the most-awaited Carnaval of the decade with peace of mind. The feature allows users to set a maximum amount (in reais) for transactions in the app while they are away from home, disconnected from a predetermined wi-fi network. Modo Rua has been available since October last year, when the testing phase started, and adds an extra layer of protection against unwanted and malicious transactions via Pix, wire transfers, and bill payments.

Multiple wi-fi networks

The big news is that now customers can set up more than one wi-fi network of their choice in Modo Rua (such as 2Ghz and 5Ghz), which will be automatically and simultaneously recognized. To encourage users to protect themselves before Carnaval – when festivities take over the cities in Brazil – the company launches the campaign with the purpose of providing more peace of mind to customers during the celebration.


In its debut at Carnaval, the campaign “Your Carnaval with more Alalaô and less oh no” is part of Nubank’s strategy to increase customers’ awareness of safety and security measures. With activations on social networks and other channels, with influencers and sponsorship of Anitta’s Carnaval, the idea is to reinforce Nu as a protection partner in this grand celebration and throughout the year. In addition to Modo Rua, other tools such as Nubank Celular Seguro and SOS Nu are highlighted in the campaign. 

This is just one of the security mechanisms that Nubank already offers. The company has several other resources, such as scam warning, multifactor authentication, artificial intelligence models, and predictive risk analysis. In addition, there is SOS Nu, a complete and easily accessible center within the blog that addresses educational content about fraud, theft, and other eventual security-related emergencies.

Tips for an even safer Carnaval with Nubank

Just like activating the “airplane mode” on the cell phone, the customer can also activate the “Modo Rua” in one click in the app, defining their secure Wi-Fi networks and a maximum amount for Pix, TED and Boleto transactions for when they are disconnected from these networks. Once the activation is completed, the user no longer needs to repeat this process. Whenever they return to one of their secure networks, they can simply open the app, and Modo Rua will reset the value automatically.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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