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ESG > Nubank announces partnerships to foster research in universities

Nubank announces partnerships to foster research in universities

NuFuturo aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the academic environment

Salvador, Brazil, September 27, 2023 – Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital financial services platforms, announces NuFuturo, an ecosystem developed in partnership with Federal Universities in Brazil to accelerate careers in technology and foster innovation. The initiative encourages the development of research related to the fields of technology and finance in the academic environment and the impact they can have on society.

Currently, NuFuturo is available in the Federal Universities of Campina Grande (UFCG) and Bahia (UFBA and IFBA), with projects that started in January this year. After approximately 300 applications, over 40 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Campina Grande (UFCG) and Salvador, Eunápolis, Vitória da Conquista, Feira de Santana, and Santo Amaro (UFBA/IFBA) were selected by specialists of the universities and are undergoing an intensive 18-month program to develop research projects and technological skills, based on systems and technologies used by Nubank, such as Clojure programming and data analysis methodologies.

“NuFuturo is an initiative created by Nubank to foster science and technology in Brazil. We believe that investing in education is a way to change society through professional training and practical solutions to real problems that people and companies face. The states of Bahia and Paraíba were chosen due to the talent in the region, as well as our social impact goals, diversifying investments outside the Southeast axis,” says Guilherme Vieira, Nubank’s ESG director.

Nubank built physical spaces in the partner universities to develop the projects, seeking to enhance the experience of teachers and students. The rooms have adaptable environments, collaboration boards, and multimedia systems, all so that physical spaces can reflect the values considered important for Nu and universities, such as promoting collaboration, diversity, and innovation. After the completion of the projects, the locations will remain available for the academic community to continue working and holding events and activities in groups.

NuFuturo room at UFCG, with adaptable environments, collaboration boards and multimedia system.

“NuFuturo is what I imagine to be the ideal model for collaboration between the university and partners. This is because NuFuturo focuses on improving and boosting the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. In the laboratory, students can expand their technical and non-technical skills, investigating the solution of complex problems and cooperating with the Nubank team. The greatest result of the project is undoubtedly the transformation of the people who are part of it. In addition, it is also worth noting the transformation and assembly of the physical space, which is undoubtedly an important legacy of the project,” says João Arthur Brunet, coordinating professor at UFCG.

“This project is a notable example of cooperation between public education institutions and the private sector. UFBA and IFBA, through NuFuturo, contribute to research in the financial sector by promoting computational and social innovation. The universities, through the professors and student members of the project, promote actions of inclusion and diversity in the development of the protagonism of black people,” states Leandro Andrade, coordinating professor at UFBA. Cleber Lira, coordinating professor of IFBA, adds that “the students impacted by the project, in addition to participating in computer and management pieces of training, develop activities in multidisciplinary teams with organizations and technologies that mirror the real world.”

Projects in development 

Currently, NuFuturo has four projects under development. With the support of Nubank’s engineering and finance teams and professors from UFCG, UFBA, and IFBA, students from majors such as Computer Science, Administration, and Software Engineering maintain direct contact with professionals to improve their research. The initiatives address topics such as personal finance management, the development of tools to simplify people’s financial lives, and information security.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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