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How the campaign “Pregúntale a alguien con Nu” was created

Learn about the creation of the campaign that gave the stage to customers who are recommending the Nu Credit Card

Mexico City, July 27, 2022 – It is well known that Nu does everything differently, and our brand campaign this year could be no exception. We keep working to carry our mission of fighting against complexity to give people back control over their money, and we want to take this mission to all corners of Mexico; but we wanted to do it in a human, authentic and transparent way.

Since we started to plan this campaign in Nu, we assumed that we wanted to share all the aspects that made the Moradita an extraordinary Credit Card, but we were also sure that we didn’t want to do the usual and not just shout to the world: “we are the best.” For that reason, before deciding anything, we started asking our customers what Nu meant for them. After all, Nulovers are the reason for our fight, and they truly hold the last word.

It was through listening to Nulovers and the response of more than 2 million customers that we understood that the answer was in their experience and their words: they had an authentic message to share. That’s why we decided to give the microphone to real people, to know their daily struggles, their vision, and the reasons why they made the purple experience a life choice.

The best campaign pitch: the experience of our customers

Today the power of a personal recommendation is infinite. We can agree that we only recommend the best, right? That’s why we decided to ask our customers how much they would recommend us to their friends and family, and we did that through a Net Promoter Score study on a scale of 0 to 10.

What is a Net Promoter Score?

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure used to assess customer satisfaction and enthusiasm for a product or service. This metric is obtained by asking customers a specific question; in the case of Nu: “On a scale from 0 to 10, what is the probability that you will recommend the Nu Credit Card to a friend or family member?”

After surveying the great majority of our customers, Nu got a result that left us delighted. Considering only brand promoters (answers 9 and 10 in the survey) we went from 90% to 96% of satisfied customers who recommended us only last year.

We believe in our clients because they believe in Nu

Inside Nu, there is a group of incredible minds called CreativeLab. This group of artists, producers, and writers is responsible for bringing to life a large part of the creative activities that we all love at Nu. For the past few years, thinking about our approach to clients, they created the concept “Pregúntale a alguien con Nu” (“Ask someone with Nu”).

“The planets started to align and we just let people speak. The concept came with the same naturality with which our clients recommend Nu”, says David Sánchez “Zac”, Creative Lead in Mexico.

When the time came, Nu opened a call through its social networks to invite all those customers who wanted to publicly recommend the Moradita. It was then when we confirmed that the numbers don’t lie; we received many videos from customers from all over the country who were willing to shout to the four winds their love for Nu.

It turned out to be incredibly difficult to choose only twelve people to represent the rest of the opinions of our clients. Somehow we managed to identify the twelve voices that spoke for everyone, although Andrea, Fer, Daniel, and Jesse stole our hearts. There they were! The fantastic four.

“When I got to know the ‘talents’ I realized that they represented a lot more than that. In addition to being truly talented, in front of and behind the camera, it was fascinating to get to know them and understand how the Moradita created a before and after in their lives. Having them as stars of our campaign was the most organic way to give an authentic recommendation on our product”, said Rodrigo Sánchez “Samo”, Lead Publishers and Editor of the Nu Mexico Blog.

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can recommend today

The campaign narrative was simple: we would show how we avoided all those advertising resources that the financial industry and others have been referring to for years to give voice to the opinions of actual customers.

“We didn’t want to fall into the typical testimonial. We decided that we would have a lot more fun, so we set up situations that allowed viewers to see all the possibilities and the advertising gimmicks that we were putting aside when giving the microphone to our customers”. – David Sánchez “Zac”, Creative Lead in Mexico.

We started the production of a 360 campaign for the national territory, with the recording of three spots for TV accompanied by short pieces for digital formats, photo sessions for bilboards, posters, bus stops, and interviews for our blog.

“We cover Vadhir Derbez’s face to give the spotlight to Andrea, a real customer”. – David Sánchez “Zac”, Creative Lead in Mexico.

And that was that… It may sound absurd, but when we told Vadhir about the idea of ​​the campaign, he decided to become our partner and participate. We wanted to play with a little bit of satire, and then we decided to cover half of his face, to make reference to the excessive use of personalities within other advertising campaigns.

In the end, as Zac mentioned, we wanted to have fun and reflect on what we truly are on a daily basis. The spirit of Nu was born doing things differently, and we tried to reflect that in everything we did.

“The most fun part of this campaign was playing with the stereotypes that are commonly used to sell products. We use advertising clichés to show that in Nu there is no better ally than our customers”. – Gabriel Berta, Design Manager in Mexico.

To break it, first, you have to break the status quo

We love to break through, it’s an accomplishment. And we didn’t do it merely for wanting to highlight or have the most robust message; we did it because we understand that to change the rules, we always have to take risks.

In 2012, David Vélez, founder and CEO of Nubank, the “parent company” of Nu Mexico, joined one of the biggest banks in Brazil to open his first account in the country. It took four months, facing endless queues, making calls to the ‘special line’, and returning to that branch each time with more documents. Finally, they approved an account that would charge him hundreds of reais (R$) for a year in fees.

This frustrating experience made him realize that only by breaking the status quo he could dare to reinvent the entire financial services industry in Latin America.

Today, 9 years later, Nu is established as a solid and global company that seeks to empower millions of customers with simple and transparent products, allowing them to live a better life, with the support of a fundamentally different company that leads the path to the redefinition of the financial industry of the 21st century.

And that was all due to daring, challenging the system and thinking differently. That is Nu.

“We know what is being done there and we want to offer something better and different, and we are on the floor of our publicity campaign, especially in our service”. – Alejandro Ortíz “Joul”, Copywriter Mexico.

Stories like the creation of our campaign inspire us to continue revolutionizing Mexico’s financial system and to continue working to empower our clients so that they can do more with their lives and with their money.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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