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Company Consumers > NuSócios program moves forward with customers’ decision process about their Pedacinhos

NuSócios program moves forward with customers’ decision process about their Pedacinhos

Customers will be able to indicate in the app if they intend to keep or sell their BDR, to be effective on December 10, according to the original schedule

São Paulo, October 27 2022 – Nubank begins to release this Thursday (27) in its app the flow that allows NuSócios to anticipate the decision to keep or sell their “pedacinhos” received during the company’s IPO in December 2021. The initiative follows the program’s planned schedule, in which 7.5 million customers joined NuSócios and received a BDR (Brazilian Depositary Receipts), a certificate representing ⅙ of a Nu Holdings class A common share, with a 1-year lock-up period.

NuSócios is one of the largest financial inclusion programs in the history of Brazil. It was created in recognition of the trust that customers place in the company and also offers financial education and inclusion to those who intend to become investors.

The choice will be available directly in the app only for NuSócios and offers the following options: 1) receive the BDR; 2) sell and transfer the value of the BDR to Money Boxes, an organization and financial planning feature integrated into the Nubank account with investment options; or 3) postpone the decision to the end of the restriction period on December 9.

The effectiveness of the options will only take effect as of December 10, when the negotiation of the “pedacinhos” will be released. From this date, the customer will also have the option to sell the piece and receive the credit in the account. The customer’s profile largely defines where and how to invest, and to help in this journey of financial education and investments, the option to transfer the sales value of the “pedacinho” to the Money Boxes was created.

Launched in July, Money Boxes aim to give more autonomy to people and help them save money in an organized, uncomplicated, and personalized way with investment options that yield 100% of the CDI or more, in the long term, from the first business day of application. Since the start of the gradual availability of the Money Boxes, more than 2.8 million customers have used the resource and more than 4 million Money Boxes were created.

BDR Restructuring
Nubank’s investors who acquired BDRs at the IPO or directly in the market, as well as NuSócios that choose to keep the BDR or to postpone the decision, will receive specific communications about the next steps of the plan for Discontinuance of the Level III BDR Program. This plan, announced in September of this year, is awaiting approval by B3 and the CVM and does not affect the current choice period or the NuSócios Program timeline.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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