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Nubank customers feel very safe for transactions

Research by QualiBest Institute shows that at least 88% of Nu customers feel safe for inquiries and transactions

São Paulo, October 4, 2022 – Nubank, one of the largest financial services platforms in the world, is rated as very safe by the vast majority of its customers, according to a survey carried out by QualiBest Institute.

Among the Nubank customers interviewed, 67% said they felt “very safe” making consultations and financial transactions in the institution’s app. On a scale of 1 to 5 (from “not at all safe” to “very safe”), 67% of Nu clients chose level 5 (very safe), and 21% chose level 4, totaling 88% with a high perception of protection, the which places Nu among the best-evaluated institutions.

The survey conducted by Instituto QualiBest interviewed 1,831 Brazilians of all age groups from different socioeconomic classes and regions between July 1 and 21, 2022, about how the population relates to banks and financial institutions.

Of the total respondents, 53% have a Nu account, and 47% use the app daily. Nubank is the best-known digital bank in the country according to the survey: 90% responded that they had heard of it. Nu has recently reached 70 million customers in total, 66.4 million of which in Brazil.

According to the survey, the security of personal data is the most relevant criterion when choosing where to put their money. The survey also says that 57% of people generally feel very safe when transacting with Pix.

Customer safety has always been a priority for Nubank, which recently launched SOS Nu, a security hub with information, tips, and procedures that explain to customers how to act in adverse situations.

With options for dozens of situations, SOS Nu gives more support to clients on issues that affect the entire financial services sector and promotes prevention and agility in the search for practical solutions in adverse cases.

The platform details each step if something happens and how to secure information and access it, regardless of cell phone provider or model. To learn about SOS Nu and how the tool works, visit https://blog.nubank.com.br/sos-nu/

In addition, other devices add to the protection mechanisms that the platform already offers, such as multifactor authentication, predictive risk analysis, and the most accurate biometric data tools – Nubank has facial biometrics with proof of life in real-time, something that few financial institutions have.

About the survey

The study was carried out between July 1 and 21, 2022, with 1,831 people who answered questions in an online questionnaire prepared by QualiBest. The sample – which represents the profile of Internet users in the country – took into account age group, economic classification, gender and state, city, and region of the country. All respondents belong to the institute’s database, which offers an incentive to participate in surveys with virtual coins, which can be exchanged for prizes or donations to the AACD (Association for Assistance to Disabled Children). The questionnaire contained open questions and stimulated questions. The margin of error is of two percentage points.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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