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Consumers > Nubank expands fixed income funds in the app with Nu Reserva Planejada

Nubank expands fixed income funds in the app with Nu Reserva Planejada

With a strategy focused on the allocation of corporate credit securities, the new fund aims to seek greater profitability over time compared to Nu Reserva Imediata, which from February to August yielded 108% of the CDI

São Paulo, September 29, 2022 – Nubank announces today the launch of another investment product in Brazil: the Nu Reserva Planejada fund, the second in the Nu Reserva family. Managed by Nu Asset Management, the new fund has a fixed income strategy focused on the allocation of corporate credit securities issued by different companies. The product is gradually being made available to the country’s customer base, reaching all of the more than 66.4 million users throughout the month of October.

According to Andrés Kikuchi, Head of Nu Asset Management, Nu Reserva Planejada is an option for investors looking for a return considerably higher than the CDI and who do not need daily liquidity. “Within our proposal to focus on corporate credit, our strategy aims at diversified allocation in high credit quality companies. We want to deliver a performance that helps investors achieve their investment goals more efficiently.”

The minimum investment amount (for first-time or additional contributions) to the new Nu Reserva family fund is R$500.00. The settlement of redemption requests takes 11 business days, but the customer also has the option of redeeming applications in just 1 (one) business day upon payment of an acceleration fee of 2% of the net redeemed value – this revenue is immediately reverted to Nu Reserva Planejada. “We know that unforeseen events happen, so we thought of this acceleration fee as an alternative in which investors could have access to their money more quickly without impacting the fund’s results and, even so, benefiting the shareholders, since this revenue is reinvested in Nu Reserva Planejada”, explains Kikuchi.

Nu Reserva Planejada will be available for applications in the Investments area of the Nubank app, where other Nu Asset funds are also available: the sibling fund Nu Reserva Imediata and the multimarket funds of the Nu Seleção family (Cautela, Equilíbrio and Potencial). Nubank customers can also find variable income options (equities, BDRs, ETFs and real estate funds) and post and fixed-rate CDBs.

The first Nu Reserva family fund, Nu Reserva Imediata, is also an investment option in Caixinhas, Nubank’s financial planning and organization resource launched in July and which already has more than 1.7 million active customers. From its launch in February to August, this fund has had a performance of 108% of the CDI, which is equivalent to 167% of savings accounts in the same period. Specifically in August, this fund’s profitability was even higher: 111% of CDI and 175% of savings. At the time of creation of Nu Reserva Imediata, Nu Asset was aiming for a performance of 105% of the CDI – surpassed by three percentage points in the last six months. Recently, Nubank registered more than 6 million investor customers in Brazil, which makes the company the largest digital investment platform in the country. With the funds under its management, Nu Asset Management currently has more than 1 million shareholders, making it the sixth largest investment fund asset management in terms of the number of investors with active shares.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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