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Consumers > Nubank integrates available limits on a single screen to facilitate customers’ financial journey

Nubank integrates available limits on a single screen to facilitate customers’ financial journey

New feature called "My Limits" allows users to view and manage the different credit lines available in an integrated way

São Paulo, July 18, 2023 – Nubank is launching a new feature on the app that offers an integrated view of the different limits each customer has available, to provide simple and clear information for better control over their finances. In the section called “My Limits”, customers can manage all their available credit lines in one place, with an even more comprehensive and transparent experience.

In the new screen, users can determine the amount of their approved limit that should be directed to their credit card, and establish a spending limit for better financial control. Additionally, customers can see the lines that make up their limits and even apply for new ones according to their needs. They can also track upcoming credit evaluations by clicking “Approved limit on the card”. The feature will be gradually rolled out over the next few months to all company users.

Additional credit lines

In addition to the regular credit card limit – which is determined based on payment history, individual customer profile, and credit analysis criteria – Nubank offers different options for specific lines, helping customers avoid using up all their credit card limit. The idea is to provide more transaction flexibility and better financial organization with consolidated expenses.

Read more about the specific lines that do not affect the monthly limit of the credit card. It’s worth noting that each user is eligible for a specific set of lines:

Nu Limite Garantido

An innovation announced by the company in April, this format allows customers to increase their credit card limit by using their investments in a Money Box (Caixinha) of RDB – yielding 100% of the CDI – as collateral. The invested money instantly becomes a credit card limit without going through a credit analysis system.

Additional Limit for Boleto Payments

This feature allows customers to pay boletos (a type of barcode bank payment slip) with credit cards, ensuring greater purchase power. The limit varies from person to person, as it is defined by a credit analysis algorithm that is constantly updated based on the customer’s financial profile. Therefore, the Additional Limit will not be fixed and may change over time.

Additional Limit for Pix Payments on Credit 

Similar to the Additional Limit for boleto payments, but for transactions made via Pix using the credit option. With this feature, customers can combine the additional limit with the regular credit card limit, promoting more financial autonomy. If the user can access this additional limit, the option will be visible when they select the credit card as the payment method.

Extra Limit on NuPay 

NuPay is an exclusive online payment method for Nubank customers to make transactions. The Extra Limit is a way to provide an additional amount for purchases at partner merchants. Customers can use this exclusive limit to enjoy promotions and discounts at stores and services that accept NuPay, expanding the possibilities of card usage.

Card with Build Limit Feature 

Nubank offers an innovative experience in its app for customers who do not yet have an approved limit on their card, with a credit card that allows them to build their limit in a gamified way. The card with the Build Limit Feature assists users with limited credit access in achieving financial independence and autonomy.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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