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Consumers > Nubank offers additional limit to pay boletos with credit card

Nubank offers additional limit to pay boletos with credit card

Without compromising the card's regular limit, the new feature helps with financial organization by concentrating expenses in a single place and increases purchasing power

São Paulo, October 25, 2022 – Nubank, one of the largest financial services platforms in the world, announces this Tuesday (25) the Additional Limit to pay boletos (payment slips) on credit cards. This new feature allows the payment of boletos without compromising the card’s regular limit. The feature has been tested over the past few months and is gradually becoming available to users starting today.

Research conducted by Nubank shows that one of the most relevant reasons for customers to pay boletos on their credit card is to centralize spending on the invoice, as a form of financial organization. “The additional limit to pay boletos on the credit card is a way for Nubank to address this desire of our customers in a responsible way, increasing their purchasing power, without compromising their limit”, comments Jeremy Selesner, Director of Nubank’s card area.

How does the additional limit work? 

Different from the credit card’s regular limit, the Additional Limit is, at this first moment, exclusive to the payment of boletos – the idea is to expand the feature in the future to other products and solutions. This way, the customer can use the card to pay boletos without compromising their regular limit. Last year, Nubank made available the option to pay boletos with a credit card and, by customer demand, created this additional line of credit so that other types of expenses could also be paid by this means.

With the new feature, customers do not need to pay extra to use the Additional Limit and will be able to pay in installments with the same interest as the usual payment of credit card bills. The limit varies from person to person, as it is defined by a credit analysis algorithm, which is constantly updated based on the customer’s financial profile. Therefore, the Additional Limit will not be fixed – it may change over time. 

To check the availability of the Additional Limit, simply log into the Nubank application, initiate the payment of a boleto, and click on “credit card” – if the customer is eligible for the feature, they will be informed at this stage.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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