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Consumers > Nubank provides predictability on passive income with new in-app earnings experience

Nubank provides predictability on passive income with new in-app earnings experience

New feature allows customers to have access to essential information and history – in Brazilian Reais (BRL) – of earnings generated by variable income assets, such as FIIs, stock shares and BDRs

São Paulo, September 13, 2022 – The investment area of Nubank’s app now provides clarity about how much, at what frequency, and which equity assets pay dividends, as well as the payment history of each of them. This predictability on gains from real estate funds (FIIs), shares and BDRs will gradually be made available to customers this week.

The new feature is aligned with Nubank’s purpose of eliminating complexity and contributing to its customers’ investment journey. “This is a novelty that gives investors even more autonomy to adopt a passive income strategy and that can serve as another stimulus to progressively increase their wealth”, explains Fernando Miranda, Vice President of Investments at Nubank.

In the market, it is quite common for investors to come across a shelf of products with the information presented in a more technical way, such as in percentages. “In Nubank’s experience, we want to make this information more practical to help in decision-making in a simple way. In the earnings payment history, for example, we provide information in local currency. We believe this can help our customers see their money work for them too”, adds Miranda.

Within this new variable income experience – available in the Stock Exchange option in the app –, the customer can follow both the historical value in Brazilian Reais (BRL) and the frequency of payment of each asset of real estate funds (FIIs), shares, and BDRs available in the app, as well as the history of already paid earnings through assets that are in custody. The deposit dates of payments already made to the client, and the asset price appreciation or depreciation are also available. 

Variable income in the Nubank app: favorite assets and ordered scheduling

Two other features are also gradually being made available to the customer base as part of the investments section of the Nubank app for variable income: the favorites area and the scheduling of orders for the next business day – which will be available for the purchase and sale of FIIs, shares, BDRs and ETFs (index funds) when the Stock Exchange is closed.

In the Favorites area, the customer can create different lists of favorite assets and customize them as desired. To compose the lists, the customer can select the preferred real estate funds, BDRs, stocks, and ETFs (index funds) and list them in the order they wish.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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