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Consumers > Nubank reaches 1 million cryptocurrency customers

Nubank reaches 1 million cryptocurrency customers

The milestone was reached less than a month after the experience was made available to all users

São Paulo, July 26, 2022 – Nubank, one of the largest digital financial services platforms in the world, has already reached 1 million customers trading cryptocurrencies in Brazil.

The milestone was reached less than three weeks after the experience, announced in the first week of May, was made available to the entire customer base in the country at the end of June.

“This extraordinary achievement of 1 million customers in the crypto world in such a short time shows that we are on the right path, well positioned and in line with our purpose of democratizing cryptocurrencies and providing the customer with access to new financial opportunities”, says Thomaz Fortes, Nubank’s crypto general manager.

Currently offering Bitcoin and Ethereum – the most popular cryptocurrencies – Nubank Cripto is characterized by simplicity and security for customers to buy, hold and sell digital currencies through the app, with a few clicks, without the need to open new accounts or transfer money from other institutions.

The proposal is to democratize and insert crypto-assets into the daily routine of customers who navigate the Nubank ecosystem. In addition, the experience, which allows applications from R$ 1.00, is part of the journey of always providing more financial learning.

“In eliminating complexity, Nubank has a value proposition that permeates all our products. With crypto assets, this becomes even more relevant due to the fact that it is a market with complex systems, which makes it difficult for people interested in taking the first steps to join”, emphasizes Fortes.

The product is operated in partnership with Paxos, a provider of blockchain infrastructure, which acts as a liquidity provider and performs the custody of cryptocurrencies.

The alliance with Paxos also guarantees the global protection of clients’ assets by the main digital asset regulators. In addition, Nubank develops educational and informative content on its blog to assist in decision-making for people interested in digital currency transactions, which can be accessed via the app.

“The disruptive potential of the technology behind cryptocurrencies is huge. We will continue to evolve this experience, always listening to our customers to seek to evolve our products and digital currency offering, taking advantage of this transformative power of blockchain”, concludes Fortes.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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