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Consumers > Nubank wins Guinness record with NuBolão

Nubank wins Guinness record with NuBolão

The company developed a World Cup bolão within its app and registered in total more than 8 million players during the entire competition; the initiative was a pioneer in financial apps

São Paulo, April 13, 2023 – The victory, unfortunately, did not come in the FIFA World Cup for Brazil. Still, Nubank has just won an important milestone for the 2022 world championship: a Guinness World Records title. The company broke the record in the category “Largest number of people playing a Predictor game within a month”, with NuBolão. Precisely 7,363,889 customers were participating between 11/11/2022 and 10/12/2022.

“Nubank is already part of the financial lives of tens of millions of customers in Brazil, and when we decided to be an Official Regional Supporter of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, we challenged ourselves to go beyond and promote amazing moments for everyone. NuBolão emerged after we heard from our customers that usually, the bolão experience available in the market was not very technological, and we decided to invest in the tool to elevate the experience of the championship and improve this cool ritual of our culture”, comments Juliana Roschel, Marketing Director at Nubank.

NuBolão was the first social interaction tool within Nubank’s app and was developed so that the company’s clients could create groups and make predictions about the World Cup matches in a simple, fun, and free way – competing for prizes that totaled more than R$ 300 thousand. 8,275,362 people were participating and giving their opinions on NuBolão, about 298 million results predictions for each of the 64 games played during the competition, with an average of 36 games guessed per person, and 728 thousand groups created.

Nu’s Records 

This wasn’t the first time Nubank has achieved a Guinness World Records title. In October 2018, when it launched its new credit card, the company held the world’s largest simultaneous unboxing. More than 500 people were in one place to open their new cards.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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