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Consumers > Nubank’s Jogo da Vida: Classic game by Estrela gets a new version

Nubank’s Jogo da Vida: Classic game by Estrela gets a new version

Players will be able to learn about financial education in a themed board game; launch features live event and social media videos

São Paulo, July 3, 2023 – Nubank, one of the largest digital financial services platforms in the world, in partnership with Estrela, a traditional Brazilian toy manufacturer, is launching Jogo da Vida Nu (Nubank’s version of the Brazilian The Game of Life).

In the new version of the classic board game, players can learn about financial education in a fun way, with strategies that can be applied in their daily lives to achieve financial independence. This limited edition is available on the Estrela website starting today, priced at R$ 149.99.

“As part of our portfolio campaign strategy, where we emphasize the wide variety of products and services offered by Nu to make people’s lives easier, we decided to relaunch this classic in a completely new way. Part of our strategy to connect with the culture and what is relevant to our customers involves thinking of new manners to bring financial education to even more people, in this case, using playfulness and entertainment. For this launch, we are going beyond: we will have the participation of renowned game streamers, as well as the professor and sociologist Leandro Karnal, in an innovative activation of the Jogo da Vida Nu,” explains Juliana Roschel, Nubank’s marketing director.

Jogo da Vida Nu is entirely based on financial life decisions and Nu’s portfolio of services and products. In addition to the traditional prompts in the board game’s spaces, participants can invest in stocks, purchase insurance, create “Caixinhas” (Money Boxes, a savings feature unique to Nubank), or even buy cryptocurrencies.

The game ends when all participants reach the final space and achieve “Financial Independence” or when they bet on the “Explorer of New Digital Coins” space. The winners are those who reach the last space with the most money.

“Estrela has been present in generations with Jogo da Vida’s emotional memories for 86 years now. The company is proud to share with Nubank another success story in promoting inclusion, knowledge, and entertainment in the universe of customers, consumers, and fans of both brands,” comments Aires Fernandes, Estrela’s marketing director.

Real-Life Jogo da Vida

To promote the board game launch, Nubank invited professor and sociologist Leandro Karnal, one of the greatest “real-life advisors,” for a series of videos on social media. The purpose is to encourage people to realize that, even without a manual, there are tools that can help them make the most of life’s possibilities.

As part of the recently-launched brand narrative “N Possibilities“, the company also prepared a live event on Twitch with some of Brazil’s top game streamers. The agency Wieden + Kennedy SP created the content project scheduled for July 7. Mylon, esAcarry, Jimelol, and Loadcomics will compete in a live match with audience interactions.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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