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Credit Card

Nov 23

Customers can now transfer personal credit card limit to their SME account

Users will be able to transfer the credit card limit from their personal account to their business account. In addition, SMEs can now request additional cards

Nov 1

Nubank is awarded in Folha de São Paulo's Top of Mind

After taking first place in the Digital Banking category in 2021, Nu now shines in the Credit Card category

Oct 19

Mexico applies for a banking license

Nu Mexico, the subsidiary in the country, has submitted a filing to the local regulator to obtain a banking license which will allow further expansion of its product offering to cater to the needs of local customers

May 25

Additional credit card limit for Pix transactions is now available

New feature allows customers to increase their purchasing power by combining their additional limit with their regular credit card limit, aso helping with financial organization

May 2

New campaign allows debt renegotiation

Offers are available throughout May for customers who want to recover control of their financial lives and pay off their debts

Apr 24

Nu Limite Garantido increases credit card limit from collateralized investments

In its first version, the feature called Nu Limit Garantido transforms money saved in the Caixinhas into an instant and unbureaucratic limit increase

Feb 23

NuBraille card offers unprecedented accessible experience

Available for individuals and companies, the resource arrives on the market intending to promote inclusion and accessibility for customers who are blind or have low vision and use braille writing

Jan 18

Customers can now request an additional credit card with shared limit

Now customers of the traditional roxinho and Ultravioleta can have access to an additional card to share limit; functionality also includes young people from 12 to 17 years old and will be made available gradually, at no extra cost

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