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Company > Nu Colombia and the love for our brand – By Cristina Junqueira

Nu Colombia and the love for our brand – By Cristina Junqueira


Cristina Junqueira

This week, I am in Colombia with Nu’s leadership team for a deep dive into the local operation. We took the opportunity to organize an event with journalists and content creators to present our strategy and plans for the country. As a global company, it is crucial to have closer contact with the business, the team, and the culture.

I deeply trust the knowledge of the teams in Colombia and Mexico to thoroughly understand the markets and each of their needs. Nu has been in Colombia since 2021, and in two years, over 700,000 customers already have their with La Moradita, as they affectionately call our credit card here. Over 300,000 cards have been issued in the last ten months, making Colombia our fastest-growing operation.

This reflects the lessons we learned previously in Brazil and Mexico – and, of course, is the work of an extremely capable and dedicated local team. With this, our confidence in our long-term plans only grows, and we announced that the IFC has increased the loan established in January for our local operation, reaching US$ 265 million.

Now, the moment is about preparing for the launch of our second product, the savings account. With it, it will be possible to say yes to more Colombians who want to become customers and further promote financial inclusion. Nearly one-third of our customers have never had a credit card before La Moradita.

And the best part is knowing that our simple, human, and transparent service not only empowers them regarding their money but also allows them to dedicate their time to what truly matters. That was the inspiration behind our campaign “Live more with Nu”. We have already saved Colombians nearly 30 million hours they would have spent waiting in queues, seeking help from advisors, filling out forms, and so on.

I am convinced that this is a significant part of Nu’s success. Ten years ago, it was unthinkable for anyone to be a fan of a financial institution. So how did we get here? By strictly following our mission and values. One of the first things I did for the company was to handwrite these principles on a whiteboard, and they remain firm and strong to the day.

Our customer service team focuses on consistently exceeding expectations to keep all of this alive. Some of you may remember when we gave a purple rubber card to the dog that loved chewing on a customer’s Nu card. That’s what we call WoW moments. In Colombia alone, we’ve had over 2,000 of those!

This is how we differentiate ourselves: by innovating, investing, and, most importantly, listening to the customer, creating a relationship of transparency and trust.

Cristina Junqueira – Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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