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Consumers > Nu now available in Google Wallet in Colombia

Nu now available in Google Wallet in Colombia

Google Wallet allows people to make secure contactless payments from their Android and Wear OS devices

Bogota, August 29, 2023 – Nu Colombia announces its incorporation into Google Wallet, which allows people to make secure contactless payments from their Android and Wear OS devices. In addition, Google Wallet allows users to add boarding passes from 30 partner international airlines. 

Starting today, users of Nu’s Moradita (credit card) will be able to store their card information in Google Wallet, make contactless payments at merchants that accept these transactions, and make secure purchases on websites and apps. 

Google Wallet uses Google Pay and has multiple security measures in place to provide Android users with a fast, simple, and secure way to pay with their phone. Additionally, Google Pay does not charge fees to users, merchants, or issuers for each transaction and is integrated into the Google account, so it can be used when accessing the account and works on all browsers, platforms, and devices. 

Google Wallet allows people to move around Colombia and the rest of the world without having to worry about the security or privacy of their data. Firstly, storing cards in Google Wallet is safer than carrying physical cards because 1) it uses a unique alternate card number (token) for each device, associated with a dynamic security code that changes with each transaction, thus, the actual card numbers are never shared; 2) it requires a screen unlock method for use; and 3) in case of device loss, the “Find My Device” function can be used to lock, change the password, and even erase the device’s information. Furthermore, Google Wallet includes granular settings so that users can manage their privacy settings and have full control over the information stored in their Google account. Additionally, they can change settings anytime and from either the Google Wallet app or a computer.

“We continue to generate innovative and disruptive options for our more than 700,000 customers in 100% of the departments in Colombia, and in this way, we provide tools that allow them to regain control of their finances. Our mission is to develop simple products and experiences to give valuable time back to Colombians, and without a doubt, Google Wallet is an additional alternative to achieve that goal through a payment method that is also secure, convenient, simple, and very efficient,” comments Marcela Torres, General Manager of Nu Colombia. “We are happy to introduce Google Wallet in Colombia, in collaboration with our partners, to contribute to the digitalization of the country. We believe that providing free access to these tools is essential for technology to positively impact the daily lives of all Colombians,” says Giovanni Stella, Country Director of Google in Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean.

“Google Wallet operates as an open ecosystem that connects people with businesses. Thanks to the strategic collaboration we have forged in the over 70 countries where it is available, we can build a product that is increasingly accessible and facilitates the connection between customers, merchants, and issuers, removing obstacles when paying,” says Natacha Litvinov, Head of Alliances for Google Pay in Latin America. 

Google Wallet is now available for free download on the Google Play Store.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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