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Consumers > Nubank invites Anitta and Linn da Quebrada to a talk show on financial organization

Nubank invites Anitta and Linn da Quebrada to a talk show on financial organization

Artists meet in Anitta's first project as global ambassador for the company, in a talk show with four episodes about their experiences with financial organization

São Paulo, September 12, 2022 – Nubank, one of the largest financial services platforms in the world, promotes an unprecedented meeting between Anitta and Linn da Quebrada for a talk show about financial organization: Papo de Patroa. The series of videos with the artists is comprised of four episodes and will be broadcasted on Nubank’s YouTube channel between September 13 and 16, with one episode launched per day.

The idea of Papo de Patroa is to share with the public some of the troubles of the beginning of their careers and how the singers had to learn to get around them through financial organization. It will be the first time that Nubank’s global ambassador, Anitta, will speak openly about the theme. The talk show episodes will address the singers’ financial difficulties and unpublished stories, possibilities on how to organize financially in a practical way, and the importance of knowing more about this topic. 

“We developed this series as an informal chat after the singers shared some stories that most people have experienced at some point in their lives. Anitta told us that at the beginning of her career she used part of the fee from one show to buy gasoline to go to the next show. On the other hand, Linn invested the money from her unemployment insurance in a ballet course. These stories can inspire many people to believe that it is possible to make plans for the future and organize oneself financially practically and efficiently”, says Cristina Junqueira, CEO in Brazil and co-founder of Nubank.

In addition, an expert will bring insights on how the products and experiences offered by Nubank can help in this journey of financial organization in a smarter and easier way. Some examples are the recently launched “Caixinhas“, a new feature that allows customers to save money in a practical and personalized way with varied yields; and also “NuEnsina“, an interactive educational program focused on finance within Nubank’s app.

“It was very nice to participate in this project with Linn and to be able to share some of the difficulties I have been through throughout my career, both personally and professionally. People forget where we come from and where we have been. There are several tips from the specialist who also participated in the talk. Besides the secrets of Nubank’s new features so that no one gets lost when it’s time to organize their hard-earned money!”, comments Anitta, Nubank’s Global Ambassador.

“I thought this meeting was very chic. First, because I met Anitta for the first time and we could talk about saving money the way we see it. I went into this project with my doubts and debts, and I left with gifts. So, if you want to learn, not only about saving, but how to make what you earn pay off and how to implement it in your life, watch the Papo de Patroa. Because I will watch it again!”, adds the singer Linn da Quebrada.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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