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Company > Nubank debuts in the top 10 of The Most Influential Brands 2022 ranking

Nubank debuts in the top 10 of The Most Influential Brands 2022 ranking

The relationship Nu has been building with customers and how it adapts to different scenarios, placed the company at #9 on the list

São Paulo, April 19, 2023 — Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital financial services platforms, is featured in the ranking of the most influential brands in Brazil 2022 by Ipsos, a global leader in market research. It is the first time Nubank appears in the top 10, in #9 versus #15 in the previous edition.

“Influence is built by focusing on what is relevant to people. It is because of our insistence on continuing to identify and pursue what is relevant to our clients, in addition to the unique foundations of our brand and our way of doing business, that today, after almost ten years of transforming the financial sector in Brazil, around 75 million customers trust Nubank. This recognition fills us with pride, but it also gives us the certainty that we need to continue on this journey as if we were on the first day of it”, says Juliana Roschel, marketing director at Nubank.

The survey evaluates the most influential brands in consumers’ daily lives and behavior in six dimensions: Innovation, Trust, Presence, Empathy, Engagement, and Social and environmental Responsibility. The companies that complete the top 10 are Google (1st), WhatsApp (2nd), YouTube (3rd), Instagram (4th), Amazon (5th), Samsung (6th), O Boticário (7th), Netflix (8th), Nubank and MasterCard (9th), and Natura (10th).

According to Marcos Calliari, CEO of Ipsos in Brazil, although the pandemic has affected the behavior and relationship of consumers with brands, the survey results show that some companies were able to adapt and stood out in a challenging scenario. “Our research reinforces that, in addition to quality products and services, it is important for brands to create emotional connections with consumers and convey values with which they identify. That is why this last year, we included a new dimension of influence, Empathy, which is precisely focused on the performance of brands in these attributes.”

In the last year, Nubank registered growth and first profitability, focusing on the execution and delivery of unique products and services. Throughout 2022, the brand launched more than 25 products and features. In Brazil, for example, the company started to offer to its more than 70 million customers the Money Boxes (Caixinhas), an innovative way to save and invest. For 2023, the company continues to focus on the customer, creating conversations and making topics related to money increasingly uncomplicated and transparent to promote the financial education of everyone who trusts Nu and the general audience.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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