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Consumers > Customer travels abroad for the first time after winning Nubank’s promotion to go to the FIFA World Cup™

Customer travels abroad for the first time after winning Nubank’s promotion to go to the FIFA World Cup™

Ana Cristina Pereira was selected after referring a friend to become a Nu customer; Her story helped her get a passport in record time

“Whenever I wake up here, I look around and realize I’m not dreaming, I’m not home”, says Ana Cristina Pereira at the lobby of Westin, in Doha (Qatar), where she stayed alongside the Brazilian team for five days during the FIFA World Cup™.

Ana won Nubank’s promotion alongside one more customer to watch four matches of the soccer tournament. 15 other customers were selected through the “You in the FIFA World Cup 2022™ – Believe & Go with Nubank”.

Ana (in the far left) with sabella Mattar Ramos, her sister Simone, and Gabriel Inácio Faria e Ferreira (the other customer who won the promotion) at Stadium 974. Photo: Nubank

To participate in the promotion, she referred a friend to open an account at Nu, which gave them both a chance to participate in the draw. “At the time, I had accounts in three different institutions, and I was selecting two of them to keep, and Nu had better advantages. But when I saw NuBolão and the promotion, I closed my other account right away and kept Nu”, she says.

When she was informed of the result, Ana entertained not accepting the prize, because she had never traveled abroad, and didn’t have a passport. Her sisters convinced her to accept it, and one of them even traveled as Ana’s companion for the trip. “I scheduled and paid for the passport right away when she got the result”, says Simone Mendonça Pereira, Ana’s sister. When they presented the justification for an emergency passport, they surprised the agents, who delivered the official definitive document in a short time.

Besides the passport, another matter that made Ana unsure about accepting the prize was the insecurity of traveling overseas. “We had never traveled to another country before, so there was a matter of feeling safe, of having someone’s support”, tells Simone. “And here we were welcomed at the airport, the sightseeing and activities are amazing, we feel very safe, and the place is beautiful. And I have to mention a detail: the seats where we watch the matches – first, second row –  it’s an amazing experience.”

As an Official Regional Supporter of the FIFA World Cup™, Nubank became one of the ten most remembered brands in the tournament, reaching over 91 million people with campaigns and initiatives with influencers on social media. Besides the promotions to take customers to Qatar, Nubank created NuBolão, Panini sticker album activations, among other marketing initiatives.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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