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Consumers > Nubank promotes campaign about security features in the app

Nubank promotes campaign about security features in the app

In addition to the campaign, the company is also promoting a digital security awareness movement

São Paulo, April 6, 2023 – Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital financial services platforms, launches this Thursday (6) the campaign “Those who have Nubank have more security and less concerns”. The action aims to highlight the company’s security features, high technology, and data protection tools offered to more than 70 million customers in Brazil. The campaign features a 30-second video about Nubank’s Protection Pack, a set of exclusive defenses that offer an extra layer of protection for users’ accounts and transactions.

The Protection Pack is composed of a series of tools; among the main ones are Modo Rua, an unprecedented tool in the market that allows customers to determine a maximum total amount for transactions when they are outside of their homes; the Scam Alert, which warns the user when they are about to make a transaction to a potentially suspicious account; and the Smart Defenses, a protection system that is built from artificial intelligence models and understands how each customer behaves, recognizing habits and patterns – when a pattern is broken, it can block the operation.

Produced by Nubank’s in-house creative team and Surreal Hotel Arts, with audio production by Evil Twin, the campaign video has a light narrative, approaching situations of attempted scams and fraud that end up not bothering the protagonist, who is safe and calm with the protective barriers and solutions offered by the company.

“Security has been a priority at Nubank since day one in these ten years of operation, and here we work with the highest technology to deliver the best in this area to our customers. With this campaign, we want to bring real situations that people can identify with and thus assimilate the most diverse security solutions we offer in our app, reinforcing our commitment to ensure peace of mind and financial security for our users,” explains Juliana Roschel, Nubank’s Marketing Director.

Nubank is constantly studying and researching new features to expand its application’s security portfolio to increase its customers’ peace of mind when performing transactions and other financial actions. In addition, the company has an extensive team of experts in cyber security, fraud, and artificial intelligence, among others, who work daily to preserve the security of customers.

The campaign is available on Nubank’s proprietary channels: blogInstagram, and YouTube.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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