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Consumers > Nubank products help to plan and enjoy stress-free international trips, report customers in Qatar

Nubank products help to plan and enjoy stress-free international trips, report customers in Qatar

From financial organization and investments to security and VIP access, the company offers a wide range of features for those traveling

Doha, Qatar, December 7, 2022 – “I’m crazy about spreadsheets, so my Money Boxes bring me peace of mind”, starts Andressa Carla Pereira Marques when asked about how she plans her finances before traveling. 

Andressa has been a Nubank customer in Brazil for over nine years, and was one of the 15 winners of the contest “You in the FIFA World Cup 2022™ – Believe & Go with Nubank”. Over the five days she was in Qatar, she enjoyed eight matches with her husband Diego Pinheiro Pascoal, who she brought as a companion.

The first group of customers at GRU airport, in Sao Paulo, before boarding to Qatar

The moment Andressa knew she had won the promotion, she started saving using the Money Boxes feature in the app – in which customers can separate their investments based on different goals. “I was one of the customers who kept insisting on Twitter that Nubank had to create a feature like Money Boxes. I even sent direct messages to Cris (Junqueira, co-founder) now and then asking for the feature”, says Andressa.

More than 4.2 million customers have opened +6.1 million Money Boxes within the Nu app in Brazil. But they are far from being the only feature that facilitates international travel for Nubank customers, who report feeling safer and having less bureaucracy to deal with when using our products internationally.

Diego, who has also been a customer for almost a decade, says that what he likes most about Nu when traveling is customer service. He took his Ultravioleta card to the United States on a trip once and forgot to activate Travel Mode, so the security feature blocked a purchase he was trying to make. After speaking to one of our XPeers, the problem was solved. 

The easy-to-use app was mentioned by all six customers interviewed in Qatar, who rely on the practicality not to feel overwhelmed with planning ahead. Thais de Jesus Souza, who has been a customer for over six years and was also a winner of “ Believe & Go with Nubank”, highlights this point. “The main thing about Nu is the speed – you go into the app and do what you need. For me, it’s very important to have that capability when authorizing or blocking contactless payments, for example”, she says.

Tips when traveling:

  • Start saving and investing money for your next trip by creating a Money Box (Caixinha).
  • If you’re an Ultravioleta customer, you can exchange your cashback (that yields 200% of the CDI) for Smiles miles to buy plane tickets.
  • Activate Travel Mode in the Security section of the app with one simple click right before you board.
  • If you’re a UV customer, relax in one of the VIP lounges across many airports in the world. The one in GRU Airport, in Sao Paulo, is free of charge for Ultravioleta customers.
  • Add your Nubank card to your Google Wallet or Apple Pay. In case you forget your physical card at the hotel, you can use your phone to pay.
  • Choose to pay in the country’s currency at the PoS, when this option is present. This will avoid extra fees.
  • Check the exchange rate on the day you are using your card. Nu was the first credit card to make currency conversion at the time of the sale, instead of at the bill due date, giving customers visibility on their spending.
  • By concentrating all your spending on one card, you can have more control over how much you are spending on the trip.

For media inquiries, please reach out to press@nubank.com.br and events@nubank.com.br.

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